Friday, January 7, 2011

Flower Pens!

I felt like every time I started the timer to DIBEL a student, I was racing to find a pen.  By putting a basket of FLOWER PENS on my small group table, I always have a pen!
Flower Pens are awesome because you never walk away with them.  Plus, they give the whole area a home-like touch.
How do you make Flower Pens?
  1. Get fake flower, green floral tape, pen, hot glue gun, rubber cement (Hobby Lobby)
  2. Cut the fake flower so all you have is the top and a small portion of the stem.  You will need this small portion of the stem to attach the flower onto the pen.
  3. Position the flower at the top part of the pen and wrap the green floral tape around the flower stem and the pen.  Go over many times for support.  Wrap the green floral tape around the whole pen.  It should be tight.  Leave the ink part showing.
  4. For extra durability, I hot glue the top part, where the Flower and Pen meet and the bottom part, where the green floral tape ends.
  5. For extra extra durability, I take Rubber Cement and lightly glaze the green floral tape which has been spun around the pen.
  6. The green tape will be sticky for awhile, but it will eventually dry.
  7. Start writing with your new Flower Pen!


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