Friday, January 7, 2011

Supplies for Small Group

Supplies I Use in Small Group
These supplies are stored in the canvas bags hanging by Command Hooks on the wall.  I switched over to the hanging bags (over plastic storage drawers) because it was off the floor and out of the way.  
All those canvas bags came in one package at Hobby Lobby.
This bag holds dry erase markers.
This bag holds our Puppet Erasers (You can get them at the Dollar Tree)
This is how you use a Puppet Eraser.  It is perfect for cleaning dry erase boards and the kids love them.  =)
Since I progress monitor at my small group table, I store my progress monitoring books here.
I keep an ABC chart, Blends and Digraphs Chart, Hand Clappers (working with syllables-Dollar Tree) and Pointers (From ReallyGoodStuff or Party City during Halloween season).  We use these fingers to point to the words when we read.

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