Saturday, January 8, 2011

ELA Center Tubs

Here is where my students get their ELA Center tubs.  The leader will take the tub to a specific location in the room.
*Pictured Above: Center Crowns, "Think Tub", Center Tubs, Center  Mailboxes)*
Tub with a Sad Face= This is called the "Think Tub".  When a student is not following directions during center time, they must complete an ELA worksheet instead of having the privilege of working on a center activity.  When they finish the sheet, they put it on my desk and return to their center.  Students do not ask me if they can go back to centers (b/c I will be in a small group), they know to do it on their own.
Blue tub that says, "Center Crowns"= This is where we store the crowns for the leaders.  From 9am-10am we have a whole group reading lesson.  At 10am, I pass out crowns to students who were doing an amazing job participating and following direction during that time.  One student will receive a crown for each NUMBER group.  The job of the leader is to get the center tub, pass out supplies and put center tub away.  In addition, they need to monitor the progress and behavior of their group.
Black tubs with pictured labels= Pictured are four of the five center tubs.  Centers: Library, Word Work, Spelling, Reading, Listening (not shown-this tub is in the center location already), and Computers (no tub needed)
Last year, the students kept a"Center Folder" to hold all their center work.  I did not like that because I had to rummage through the desk to get it, work that had glue on it would get all over and the folder would get torn-up quickly.

This year I tried something different and love it!  I got two letter mailboxes from Office Depot.  I numbered the slots, so I wouldn't have to rename the slots every year.  The students put completed center work in their mailbox.  

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