Sunday, January 30, 2011

Permanent ELA Center Activities

I explained in a previous post rules for implementing center activities.  One of my rules is I have center activities that never change but the skill will change.  The following are examples of my ELA activities that I teach the kids how to do once and they are good for the rest of the year.  Therefore, I am not wasting time teaching them how to do the activity.  This leaves more time for them to practice the skill. 

If you notice all activities start with something they can manipulate.  The follow-up activity is more of an assessment/accountability tool.
Word Work Center- These are Phonics Puzzles that reinforce the new phonics skill we are learning that week.  These puzzles show S blends.  The student matches the word with the picture.  It is self-correcting b/c the puzzles will match.  I made 4 sets of the same puzzle.  Since I will have no more than 4 students in a center at one time.  In case the students mix-up the puzzle pieces, I label them with numbers on the back.  All #1 pieces go in the #1 bag etc.
Word Work Center-  This is a follow-up to the Phonics Puzzles.  When the students complete the Phonics Puzzle, they write the provided sentences in their journal and insert the correct word.  The should be familiar with the words, since they are the same ones that were on the Phonics Puzzles. 
Word Work Center-  This is a broader shot of the Phonics Sentences.  The students have a Word Bank of their phonics words on the dinosaur.
Listening Center- The Rhyming Puzzle pieces are similar to the Phonics Puzzles.  The only difference is the Rhyming ones only have pictures on them.  I make 4 sets of the puzzles and organize them with the numbers just like the Phonics Puzzles.  The follow-up activity is a Rhyming assignment which reinforces the same words the students were exposed to in the puzzles.  
Reading Center-  These are Sight Word Sentence Puzzles.  The puzzle pieces focus on the new sight words and phonics skills being taught that week.  When the students put the sentence together they record it on a recording sheet.  There are 8 puzzles, each one is different.  This activity is explained on a previous post.


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