Sunday, January 30, 2011

One Hundred Day Activities

The following are some activities my students did to celebrate the 100th day.
I made a class set (24 total) of 100s puzzles.  Print puzzle on cardstock, laminate and cut into puzzle pieces.  Each puzzle has 13 pieces with letters on the back that correspond to its bag.  If the puzzle has the letter "A" on the back it goes with bag "A" etc.  All the puzzles are cut differently.  It is a contest to see who finishes it first.

I purchased 4 sets of 25 piece puzzles.  (100 piece puzzles will take them way too long to complete and they will lose interest.)  The puzzles are from School Aids.

I printed a blank 100s chart.  I purchased finger stamps at School Aids.  Students created patterns with these stamps.    I stored the finger stamps in ice cube trays that were purchased at Dollar Tree, 2 for $1.  I love using ice cube trays to store stamps that didn't come in a handy container.


  1. I love your ideas. I am a new follower.
    Queen with Class

  2. I love those finger stamps and they look like a lot of fun!