Sunday, January 2, 2011

Morning Routine

When my students walk in the door, they put their backpack and jacket in their assigned cubby. Cubbies are assigned with their numbers. Therefore, I do not need to rename each cubby every year. The numbers will stay the same.

Next, my students put their homework folder in the white tub and any forms/papers they need to turn-in go in the blue basket.  They take these things out of their backpack before putting in their cubby.

I number my students homework folders and assign one person to organize them according to number order during announcements.  By doing this, I can quickly see who has not turned-in their folder.

Last, my students go to a stool at the front of the classroom and pick-up their morning work, go to their desk and get to work!

No, lunch count is necessary since it is rare for a student to bring a sack lunch.  Students do not get a choice for lunch either.  

I take attendance while students are working by looking at the empty seats.  

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