Sunday, January 2, 2011


I CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT THIS!!! The students line-up next to the red line.  I use this anytime we are going to leave the classroom, firedrills, and when my students are waiting in-line to use the restroom.  The line leader must be behind the red line.  

I use to call my student to line by number, by what they were wearing, by behavior etc.  However, I had to change it this year because I heard the words, "he/she cut" too many times.  I strategically put my students in order according to behavior (who they could stand next to etc.) and taught them to get in this order when I say the "secret line-up code word".  So, I have eliminated the problem of he/she cut and now I can just sit back and relax while they manage themselves.  They know that if they are the line-leader or caboose that they may go to their job position and that this may change who they stand by.  They are smart though and can figure it out =)

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  1. I line my kids up in a specific order as well. It has made the day soooo much easier! Everyone knows where they are going, and you are right, no more "You cut me!" or running to get there first.