Friday, January 7, 2011

Literacy Workstation Rotation Chart

Literacy Workstation Rotation

 -Six centers

-2 rotations in 1hr. (30min. centers)

-Each student is a COLOR and NUMBER

-NUMBER GROUP:  Heterogeneously working in centers
           Students are able to assist each other when they are grouped with different abilities

-COLOR GROUP:  Homogeneously working in small group
           When the teacher calls a color group to her table, there will be one less person in the number group.  In conclusion, there will only be three people working in a center at one time.  This helps with the behavior. =)

Teacher Rotation Charts
Teacher's Rotation Chart (for Tuesday)
I hang these sheets behind my small group table.  I rotate the centers by moving them up. 
Teacher's Rotation Chart (for Wednesday)
Teacher's Rotation Chart (for Thursday)
Teacher's Rotation Chart (for Friday)
Map of Classroom with Centers Labeled 


  1. love it...can u share your station cards...for word work etc. ?

  2. Hi-
    Can you tell me, do your kids rotate through the same station twice in one week?