Saturday, July 23, 2011

Classroom Management that Clicks!

A dog training clicker for your classroom?!?
*Let me give you some background information.*
My students walk in a straight line through the halls.  The Line Leader is the ONLY student who listens to my directions while the rest follow and watch the person in front of them.  I will tell the line leader, "Go and listen to my voice" while I stay behind letting my kids pass.  Then I will say, "Stop" for the leader to stop.

Instead of using my voice, I purchased a dog training clicker.  One click will mean GO and two clicks will mean STOP.  I have heard of other teachers using clickers for a variety of things.  This idea is nothing new and probably originated with nuns using it in Catholic Schools (or so I heard).  I just wanted to share with others who might not of heard of this classroom management technique. I am excited to try it starting the first day of school!  
Use a clicker to get students attention, give directions and/or use for transitions.
A clicker in action! You can keep it in your pocket or put it on a lanyard around your neck.


  1. When I did my student teaching, she used a clicker to signify the kids were to reply. At first it seemed sort of cruel... but if you think about it... its an auditory cue for the kids to reply... and its obnoxious enough to demand addention. =)

  2. Haha...I know what you mean. When I first heard of this idea, I thought it was weird. However, it is just a portable way to bring a sound with using a whistle, but not as loud.

    I just like how it is a quick, short sound and handheld.

  3. I'm a big stickler for kids being quiet and orderly in the hall. But, I always feel like it's a daily battle to keep them quiet. Most other teachers don't care as much, so I kinda feel like my kids are "trained" wrong in kindergarten and then they continually see talking and silliness when they're walking. But, maybe that's just a bunch of excuses on my part. I'm probably not saying the right things at the beginning of the year. I want to know more specifics on your first few "hall lessons." How do you teach them that the line leader listens to you and everyone else follows? We have little shapes on our hallway floors, so I generally tell the leader "count 5 diamons and stop." But it seems like such a process to teach them. Sorry I'm rambling.
    Just Add Clipart

  4. Ms. Morse- Practicing walking in a line is an on going thing, however, I DO have activities we do at the beginning of the year.

    Activity#1, Quiet Feet- We talk about the difference between walking with big, heavy feet and light, "marshmallow feet".

    Then, we practice this by walking in the halls. While the students walk, I am going around giving students stickers to kids who are doing a great job. I tell them if they have a certain amount of stickers, they will get a prize. When we get in the classroom, the ones that reach their goal in stickers gets a marshmallow. Ultimately, every child will reach their goal.

    Activity#2, Spotting Markers- We continue to practice with quiet feet and "bubbles and ducktails". I assign specific locations a number in the halls. This way I can just tell the line leader to stop at number 1 or stop at number 3.

    On a side note, one thing I practice is how to line-up. On one of my posts I mention that I put a red line on the floor in my classroom. I just tell the kids to line-up at the red. This helps them to start off in a straight line.

    Two years ago, I lined the kids up by their number, however, last year I had some behavior issues. So, I strategically placed them in the line and would give them a code word (when I would say the code word, they would all line-up). This actually saved me time lining the kids up and they could do this on their own. This also helped when we lined up from recess b/c they had to stay in that same order.

    Also, I ALWAYS compliment my kids, give them high-fives or just a secret hand shake. I really love making a scene in- front of other teachers at how awesome they are doing. I love saying things like, "We are the BEST class in the school!" Especially in-front of my co-teachers (lightens the mood and gets them fired-up too!)

    Since I am in a trailer and we are hidden from the rest of the school, walking in the school is our time to shine and show-off a little ; )

    Good luck and have a great school year! It is almost here!!!!!

  5. I like this idea! Might have to hit up Petsmart! Thanks for sharing!

    Mrs. Wheeler

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