Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Fishy Math Facts Activity

I created another addition and subtraction activity. This one can be played in a variety of ways. At the end of the document are blank templates, so you can create whatever type of game you want.

 You might of noticed from previous activities I have shared, that I love color-coding or number coding my activities. This way students can work side-by-side and if they accidently mix-up the cards or if they just happen to find a missing piece on the floor, they know where it goes and what set it belongs. Also, each set is different.  If they finish one, they can do another. 
There are 4 sets of colored, addition fish and 4 sets of colored, subtraction fish.
Fish Mat
1 Example of a Recording Sheet.  There are multiple recording sheet options depending on the kind of game you play.
Click here for Fishy Facts Activity
(*Side note, something weird happened to my cover page when it was uploaded, however, you don't need to print this page or need it to play the game. I was just trying to be fancy;)


  1. TOO CUTE! What did you use to make the clip art?

  2. LOve it!! Mrs. Saoud sent me over, I'm a new follower :)

  3. Thanks for sharing!! I just stumbled upon your blog today :)


  4. Thanks for all the comments!

    Jena~ I use PowerPoint to make all my clipart. You can purchase editing software, scan and edit drawings or use Paint (PC software). Unfortunately, I didn't want to spend all that money on new software and Macs (which is what I use) don't come with Paint. As long as the image is recognizable, I'll just stick with PPT for now.

  5. Will go great with my fish theme in 2 weeks! Thanks!

  6. I love it! Thanks so much for sharing=) I'm also a new follower and so glad I found your blog. I've got to stay awhile and look around now!
    F is For First Grade

  7. I would love to use this game in my math centers. I see that it is no longer available on google docs. Is this available in a teachers pay teachers store or anywhere else? Thanks!