Monday, March 14, 2011

Phonemic Awareness Activity

Self-Correcting feature
Reinforce beginning sounds
Differentiate between 2 (or more) beginning sounds

Materials+How to Make

  • Enlarged T-Chart 
    • I used a poster maker and laminated for durability
  • Pictures w/ same beginning sounds  (10 pictures + Upper and Lowercase Letter)
    • I made this using PowerPoint and laminated  
  • Ziplock Bags Labeled w/ Letter Sound
    • I have 26 Ziplock bags (26 letters)  
    • Do not put all the bags out at once.
  • 4-5 Separate Bags for Center
    • I select letter pictures from one of the 26 bags.  
    • I mix 2 letter sound pictures+the Letters in the same bag and LABEL what letters the student will be working with in that center.  I use masking tape to write he letters and place on bag (shown in picture).  
    • I change-out the label and pictures w/ new beginning sounds or combinations.
  • Self-Correcting
    • I put the answer on the back of each picture, so students can check their work.
  • Differentiate
    • You can increase difficulty by putting letter combinations w/ similar sounds (like M/N, or E/I, G/J etc.)
    • You can increase difficulty by comparing more letter sounds (A/E.I etc.)
This center activity was time consuming making, laminating and cutting but I can use it all year and and continually rotate the sounds.


  1. Would you be willing to share your picture cards for this? These vowels are always tricky for the kids! Thanks!!

  2. Sure, just let me know your email and I can email them to you!

  3. It's THANKS! :)

  4. where did you get the letter cards for this activity?

  5. Would you please be willing to share the picture cards with me too?


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  7. Would you be willing to email me the picture cards?