Thursday, March 10, 2011

Fact Family Activities

The following are some fact family activities.  Since fact families are a tricky concept to learn, we start by doing this activity in pairs during whole group.  Therefore, I can better assist before it goes into their math workstations.  

**When you change the counters, the kids think they are playing a whole new game.  So, I change-up what we use (tiles, cubes, buttons, etc.) and the number.**
I use this to practice addition and/or fact families.
I use this to practice subtraction and/or fact families.

I use this to practice fact families.  I also have the fake, red and white beans that you can buy at any school store.  The ones above were no fun to make and I would suggest purchasing them.  I learned my lesson the hard way =(

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  1. Do you have the printables for these? I'd love to use them next week when I introduce fact families!