Thursday, March 24, 2011

10 Things I've Learned from Teaching: Linky Party

Rowdy in First Grade is hosting a Linky Party!  This was a great idea!  It is so funny to read other teachers' little life lessons because we can all relate.  
Your students are the best teachers of Classroom  Management.  They won't be afraid to let you know if it doesn't work.
A teacher's work is NEVER done.  There is always something you can work on.
You will spend an unthinkable amount on your classroom.
Air fresheners should be on EVERY school supply list.
Take advantage of back to school sales on supplies.
There will be students who come to school without supplies.
The quiet teachers have the most control over their class.  The loud ones...sometimes have control, but go home with a headache everyday.
Glue in bottles is a frustrating mess.  Teach your kids how to use a glue stick. 
Do not take what your students do personal.
SAVE and DOCUMENT EVERYTHING YOU DO!  Save lesson plans, homework, art projects, student tests, conference sheets, parent notes etc.  You never know when you may need these things.  


  1. I love #4- so true! Luckily I have my Scentsy! :)

    And #8- oh how I wish we could change our school supply list!

    Great list!

    Mrs. Thompson
    Adventures in Teaching

  2. #3- Every year I tell myself I won't go crazy, but I CAN'T HELP MYSELF!

  3. LOVE # 7 and should've had it on my list!! Kids tune out the loud teachers or the one that continually yell. Not effective at all.

  4. #6 - This is so unfortunate, because the kids who don't have supplies usually have parents with the newest, biggest whatever.

    # 7 - So true!