Friday, January 7, 2011

Organizing Lessons and Copies

Keeping yourself organized is one of the best things you can do to improve classroom management, in my opinion.  I feel like I am constantly learning from other teachers.  I accredit most of my organizational strategies to those amazing teachers out there who are always willing to open up their "school box" to a wandering teacher.

The following are strategies I use behind my desk to keep myself organized.  The students do not have access to this area.  

As you notice in my pictures, I label EVERYTHING.  You never know when someone needs to find something in your room.

This table is located behind my teacher desk.  Pictured above I have: daily, organizational drawers for worksheets, my treasure chest, "Sharp" and "Dull" pencil cans, staplers, tape, printer, hole puncher, Parent-Teacher Communication Binder and Lesson Plan binders.  I use this stuff everyday.

I organize my daily worksheets by days of the week.  I get it ready on the Friday before the  next week.  I feel more prepared this way.  I organized it by day of the week instead of subject area because....if I were unexpectedly absent, a sub could easily take the work from the drawer of that day. 
If I could only take one thing away from my classroom, this would be it.  For the past 3 years,  I have saved every lesson plan, worksheet, and art project.  Every week I add to my binders.  The most valuable thing in my room!!!
I love to be prepared because you can never predict the next paper shortage or next time the printer will break.  This is where I store up to 6 weeks worth of lesson plans and copies.

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  1. Great organizational techniques. Thanks for sharing!! Definitely bookmarking this post! :o)