Monday, January 3, 2011


The following are some center activities used to review the months of the year.
Putting the Months in Order
(I used the Month Labels from the Calendar Math Kit.
I encourage my students to vary how they organize the mths.
For example, put them in order in a circle, in columns etc.)
Putting the Months in Order (back)
(This activity is self-correcting because they are numbered)

Month Puzzle with Recording Sheet
(I cut up a calendar and the students put it together.
This helps them become familiar with the number placement,
order of the days of the week and the month.  It is self-correcting!!!
The students copy the calendar they built on their recording sheet.
This helps them understand the first day of the month may not always start
in the first square. Every month is cut up differently,
so you will have 12 different puzzles.)

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