Sunday, March 20, 2011

Linky Party: Favorite Part of my Room

This is my first Linky Party to join, so I hope I do this correctly.  It is hosted by the amazing Mrs. Thompson from Adventures in Teaching!

My favorite part of my room is my Small Group Area.
I love how everything is easily accessible and neat.  Every year, I felt I was running around my room finding things during small group like a pen, marker, testing material etc.  I get a little wiser and less cluttered with each passing year.  

I posted all this information in an earlier post.
I love my center rotation (grouped homogeneously and heterogeneously) with the pics of my kids faces.   My fabric bags hanging on the wall store supplies I need for small group like: dry erase markers, cute animal-hand erasers (see Organization Label), Dibels books, reading witch pointers)  I have a phonics flip chart (Mardels,$15), pocket chart with phonics cards (Lakeshore Learning), chair pockets to store students' white boards, a star graph used as a center behavior motivator and my leveled reading books...just to name a few things. 
I have a light used as a reminder so the kiddos won't disturb me during small group.  I have Flower Pens (see Label ELA Centers) that I use to Dibel students with, so I won't have to search far for a pen.  I LOVE my chair cushion and AIR FRESHENER ; )

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  1. Thanks so much for joining my party :) you did it right! I love how organized your reading group area looks! I feel like I could get a lot done there. Have a great Monday!

    Mrs. Thompson
    Adventures in Teaching