Sunday, April 10, 2011

Linky Party: Homework

First Grade Fundamentals is hosting a Linky Party about Homework! This is a great idea because it seems like Homework is something that is often overlooked, in yet, it is one of the most important things.  

This is what I do...
Each week students receive a Homework Helper which outlines the concepts and skills they will learn throughout that week.  The Homework Helper is a great guide for parents.  Parents are allowed to keep the sheets to reinforce these skills throughout the year.  I attach additional work that must be turn-in for a participation grade on that Friday.  
Pictured above is the ELA, Math and Science/S.S "Homework Helper"
I used to send home weekly readers and students had to complete a Reader's Log.  However, I have had difficulty with students misplacing the books and damaging them.  Therefore, I tried something different this year.  I purchased the following teacher resource book which has reading passages and follow-up questions.  
Reading Short Stories with Comprehension Questions


  1. Thanks for sharing what you do. Did you great the Homework Helpers?

  2. Not sure what you mean? If I grade them?

    No, I do not grade the "Homework Helper" sheets. I want the parents to use them as a guide. For example, the ELA one will have all the Sight words to date, weekly spelling words, new phonics skill, grammar skill and a short activity with the comprehension skill (which will usually have a graphic organizer).

    The math ones will give a quick tutorial on different ways to teach the math skill and activities they can do at home to help them and the same goes for Science and Social Studies.

    Some students do turn these in because there are little activities on them, but I prefer parents to keep them for a reference.

    I DO grade the additional work that I attach to the Homework Helpers that I send home on Monday. They have all week to work on them and have to detach from the Helper and turn-in on Friday of that week.

    Hope I answered your question.

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