Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Tally Toads!

Here is a math center activity I created to reinforce tally marks called, Tally Toads!
How to Play?
  1. The student places the frog on the correct lilly pad. They match the number on the frog's belly to the tally marks on the lilly pad.
  2. When all the frogs are on the lilly pads, flip them over to see if the tally marks match-up with the tally marks on the back of the frog. (self-correcting feature)

Tally Toads
(I demonstrate the self-correcting feature by flipping one of the frogs over-showing the matching tally marks)
*SPECIAL NOTE: When making center activities, I always make 4-6 games.  Each game will vary with its numbers, but the game itself will not change.  This way if a student says, "I'm done", I will say, "Play a different colored Tally Toad Game." You can differentiate by making some games more challenging then others.
Some students working hard on practicing tally marks!


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