Monday, January 3, 2011

Sentence Puzzles

I use this ELA activity to reinforce high frequency words, phonics skills, and build fluency.  
  1. I write a sentence on a sentence strip incorporating the new high frequency words and phonics skill of that week. In addition, I incorporate concepts from previous weeks.  
  2. I laminate it.
  3. I cut the words apart in puzzle piece fashion.
  4. After I cut it up, I write numbers on the back of each puzzle piece which indicates the sentence and place each sentence in their matching folder/bag. 
I have 8 new sentence a week.  When students go to this activity in a center, they put the sentence together and record the sentence in their journal.  The sentences can be in any order in their journal, however, they must indicate the correct sentence number when they write it, so they do not accidently do a puzzle twice.  The best part about this is self-correcting!!!
Sentence Puzzle

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