Sunday, January 2, 2011

Oversized Number Line (not just for show)

On my white board, I have an oversized number line that I purchased from Mardels.  I laminated it for durability and used Velcro to attach it onto my white board.  My board is only long enough to go up to 40; however, I can easily take it down and put up numbers 40-80 etc. 

Using clips I bought from Dollar Tree, I attached our position words like before (made a red arrow-stop and reverse), after (made a green arrow-go forward) and between (made to pieces of bread-what is the meat in the middle?).  I have also made a “start” clip when we do counting on.  Having these supplies out and ready, I could have a quick mini-lesson during calendar math, a formal lesson, or can use this if we have extra time.  Plus, the kids love to manipulate the pieces themselves.  

I have seen this type of tool in magnetic form at school stores…however, my white board is NOT magnetic =(

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