Saturday, January 8, 2011

Math Center Tubs

I use the same Center Rotation Chart for Math as ELA.  

The only difference is I will not use the COLOR groups for math so much.  (Remember the COLOR group is the homogeneous group-students with the same abilities, students with similar needs).  

WHY?  With math...the abilities of my students vary with each skill we learn.  So, it is harder to group them because one may understand tally marks, and not addition, but they may understand time etc.  The groups would change everyday.  To fix this dilemma, I will pull random students from each group or I could just pull the whole NUMBER group to the small group table.  It all depends on their needs for that particular day.

Here are pictures of our classroom math area.  On one side of our rolling storage shelves, we have our math tubs.  On the other side, we have our math manipulatives.

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